Supporting the Promotion of Food Export Business , Introducing the Food of Miyagi to the World

What is the Miyagi Food Export Promotion Committee?

 This conference is aimed to develop new food export businesses by helping food-related enterprises (producers, processors, distributors, etc.) increase their export knowledge and skills as well as providing interaction opportunities to enterprises/them. We actively support related enterprises with their export business. We hope many people interested in export will join us.


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  • Aburisanma- Roasted Saury

    Saury caught in season is marinated in sweet and sour sauce and then is lightly roasted.

  • Raw Oysters

    These are one-year oysters from Okumatsushima.

  • Pre-Washed Rice in a Pet Bottle

    Since the rice is sealed in the pet bottle, it makes the rice convenient to be stored or carried.

  • Sendai Miso

    The perfect blend of flavorful soybeans and sweet rice malt makes a clear miso taste.

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